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Where do I start?

FAQs about how to get started with ThetaHealing

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Sign up for the Newsletter

ThetaHealing's Newsletter includes our latest blog posts, updated events, and announcements. We recommend signing up. To register for the newsletter, scroll to the bottom of any page and in the footer you'll find out newsletter sign up!

Create an Account

Anyone can create an account on Logged in you can access information based on your level of training.

  • You are new to ThetaHealing

  • You are a Practitioner

  • You are an Instructor

Watch Create Your Own Reality Video

The easiest place to start is by watching Vianna introduce Thetahealing to students through Creating Your Own Reality. In the video Vianna discusses the main principles of ThetaHealing. It is a great, free way to become more familiar with this remarkable healing modality and determine if you'd like to learn more.

Find A ThetaHealer & Book Session

If you'd like to experience a ThetaHealing session for yourself, you can find a ThetaHealing Practitioner near you. If they are taking appointments, you can find them listed in our Find a ThetaHealer tool. There you can search and browse ThetaHealers, from Practitioners to Instructors, and view their profile. Their profile shows their specialties, certifications and contact information.

Just "heart" their profile and they'll be added to your favorite ThetaHealers. From there you can message them and see their latest seminars.

Find A ThetaHealer & Take A Seminar

When you're ready to learn to practice the ThetaHealing techniques yourself, begin by registering for Basic DNA. That's where your learning journey begins. You can either attend an in-person event near you or attend an online event. There are ThetaHealing Instructors all over the world and who speak many different languages. Find a Seminar in our Seminar Search tool. You should start by filtering for Basic DNA.

Once you are logged in your My Learning page will help guide you to other courses you'll be interested in and help you achieve certifications.

Register for Basic DNA Seminar

Select the Seminar you want to attend and click Register. If you don't have an account already, you'll be asked to sign up. From there you can register for your Seminar. The Certified ThetaHealing Instructor will reach out to you and you'll get an automated registration confirmation via email with more details.

Support Articles

We have designed many support articles to assist you with all you need to know for using the website and where to go next. Please check them out by logging into your account and clicking on HELP & RESOURCES.

Talk to Us

Click in the chat icon on the lower right had side of your screen to chat with us.

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