General Courses and Seminar FAQs
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What seminar do I need to I start with the ThetaHealing technique?

If you are looking for a free introduction to the ThetaHealing technique, Create Your Own Reality is a great place to start. If you want to begin your journey to your own practice, Basic DNA is the course where it all begins. Basic DNA is required to take any of the other course besides Create Your Own Reality, so start there.

Are seminars offered in multiple languages?

Yes. The books and seminar materials have been translated and we have instructors across the world who speak many different languages. When searching for a seminar, you will see the language that the seminar is given in. You can also filter by language in the Seminar Search Tool.

What seminars can I take with a Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor?

A certified ThetaHealing Instructors can teach you the Practitioners seminars they are certified to teach. Some Instructors can teach 1 practitioner seminar and others 14. To know what seminar your Instructor is certified to teach you will want to look in their profile on this site. The more Instructors seminars a ThetaHealing Instructor has attended the more practitioner seminars they will be able to offer.

Can I train with more than one instructor?

You can take one seminar with one Instructor and another seminar with a different Instructor. As long you take your ThetaHealing Practitioner seminars with a Certified ThetaHealing Instructor your certification will be valid.

To see a list of upcoming Practitioner seminars available click here.

To search Certified ThetaHealing Instructors click here.

Does Vianna teach any of the seminars?

Vianna Stibal, founder of the ThetaHealing technique teaches all ThetaHealing Instructors seminars. She will occasionally teach practitioners seminars of the new information she channels, but most ThetaHealing Practitioners seminars are taught by Certified Independent ThetaHealing Instructors.

All the Instructor seminars are taught exclusively by Vianna or her children.

What time zones are the seminars listed in?

ThetaHealing has locations around the world and frequently hosts seminars in various locations and time zones. Times are listed on seminars along with the time zone.

What is a scholarship and how do I apply for one?

In ThetaHealing we believe in giving back and know sometimes you just need a little assistance to reach your dreams. We offer a scholarship program to our seminars. We do believe that there should be an exchange of energy and may require a smaller fee. Each Instructor has their own scholarship program and you will want to contact them individually to see how to apply through them.

To Learn how to apply for a ThetaHealing Scholarship click here.

Can I take a ThetaHealing Seminar Online?

As of 2020 and the global pandemic we now offer some ThetaHealing Seminars online. Only seminars found on this site are approved ThetaHealing Seminars. If you see an advertisement for Online Seminars other than on this site, please contact us immediately,

How much does a ThetaHealing Seminar cost?

Pricing for Seminars varies on the type of Seminar. A Basic Seminar usually runs between 400 and 500 USD. Each instructor sets their price individually following our minimum advertised pricing guidelines. The estimated price can be found with the description of each seminar.

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