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How Students can find Courses and Seminars
How Students can find Courses and Seminars

Additional ways for Students to find courses and seminars

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  • How do I find a course?

    1. There are two ways to find a course, Seminar Search.

    2. When your logged-in you can find seminars under My ThetaLearning Certifications page.

  • My ThetaLearning Page

    • Log-in

  • My ThetaLearning

    • Certifications

      • This page shows you Certification levels from Practitioner to Certificate of Science. Click the various Certifications to see their requirements and plan your learning path.

    • Upcoming Seminars

      • These are the Seminars you are currently registered for but haven't completed

      • Click on Event Page for details

    • Completed Seminars

      • Seminars you completed since the launch of the new site.

  • What order do I take the seminars in?

    • It all begins with Basic DNA Practitioner, then Advanced DNA Practitioner, then Dig Deeper Practitioner, and You and the Creator Practitioner

    • Or visit My ThetaLearning Page - Log-in required

      • Certifications tab shows order of courses

  • Who teaches courses?

    • Practitioner courses are taught by Certified ThetaHealing Instructors

    • Instructor courses are taught by Vianna Stibal and her family.

  • What’s included with a course?

    • Each course includes different resources, many courses include a book and all include a manual and certification of completion.

  • How long are the courses? Each course has its own duration. However, they typically run from 2 days to 3 days with some courses going for 3 weeks.

  • Specialties and Electives

    • Once you completed Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, and You and the Creator, you'll be able to choose your own specialties. Check the My ThetaLearning Certifications page for information on how to become a Master or Certificate of Science.

  • Following and Wishlist

    • These pages show the ThetaHealers you're following and your Seminar Wishlist respectively.

  • Communication & Private Messaging

    • Once you've hearted/followed a Thetahealer or registered for a seminar, you'll have a contact in Messaging for that person. Use this feature to communicate with your contacts.

What is a scholarship and how do I apply for one?

In ThetaHealing we believe in giving back and know sometimes you just need a little assistance to reach your dreams. We offer a scholarship program to our seminars. We do believe that there should be an exchange of energy and may require a smaller fee. Each Instructor has their own scholarship program and you will want to contact them individually to see how to apply through them.

To Learn how to apply for a ThetaHealing Scholarship click here.

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