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Your ThetaHealing Public Profile & Account
Your ThetaHealing Public Profile & Account

Everything on how to edit & optimize and promote your profile

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What Is My ThetaHealing Profile?

Your ThetaHealing Profile is your customizable personal page. It is your potential page in the ThetaHealers directory. Once you are a ThetaHealing Practitioner you can make your account searchable on Depending on your Profile Plan subscription level, you can add lots of additional information about yourself, testimonials, and links.

Important settings:

In order to be found in Search ensure to have your Account Public and your Location added in your Profile. This article shows you how.

How Can I Manage & Edit My ThetaHealing Profile?

You must be a ThetaHealing Practitioner or Instructor to have a profile.

Start by logging in to the site.

If you've taken Basic DNA and are a ThetaHealing Practitioner, then you'll see a link to Practitioner Dashboard at the top of the screen next to My Account.

Click on your Practitioner Dashboard and that will take you to your Profile Manager

If you're an Instructor, after logging in, you'll be in your Instructor Dashboard: Click on Profile in the left navigation to reach your Profile Manager.

What if I just want to practice privately and not offer services on your website?

If you make your profile public, you will appear in "Find A ThetaHealer" search. This is the easiest way to start accepting clients who can find you through

If you want to keep your profile private, you can do that too. In fact, your profile will be private by default. It is up to you if and when you are ready to begin appearing in search results and taking clients, if ever.

(Note: the example below has a Diamond Profile Plan which is most suitable for Instructors. Sapphire Profile Plan is the most suitable plan for Practitioners)

Update your locations in your Profile

Due to the new search engine we recommend you strongly to re-enter your location, to increase accuracy. Go to your Practitioners or Instructors Dashboard and select Profile. Click on the pen to open Edit Locations.

Here you can add up to 3 locations. Add your location(s) and press SAVE.

These settings are necessary to increase the accuracy of you appearing in the search.

Profile Subscription Features/ Overview of Subscription Levels

There are 4 Profile Plans available for ThetaHealers:

Managing My Profile Subscriptions

Once you are on your Profile Manager page (see Manage and Edit my Profile section above), click on My Profile Plan to change or update your profile plan.

Creating Your Profile Page

Click on the pencil icon to edit any section of your Profile.

For example, click on the pen icon to update locations, and begin entering the name of the locations you are available for ThetaHealing sessions. Choose from one of the auto-fill selections.

To add more locations, click on the + sign next to locations. Same for languages.

Click on Save after edits are complete.

Repeat these steps for all of the sections in your profile, depending on your profile plan.

Preview your Profile

In the upper left of the Manage Profile screen, you can click to "View my public profile" and preview your changes before setting your profile to Public.

More questions? Contact us via the chatbot in the lower right corner of your screen, or email us at

Thank you!

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