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Messaging other ThetaHealers & Connecting with your Followers
Messaging other ThetaHealers & Connecting with your Followers

Learn how to connect with followers and send messages

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How do users "follow" each other and what does that do?

  • Following

    • If you find a ThetaHealer while browsing on the ThetaHealer Search page, by clicking on the heart icon in a ThetaHealer's profile, you will start following that person (Requires Log-in). They will be added to your Contacts List in the Dashboard Messenger and you'll be able to message each other. Manage who you are following in your Student Dashboard > Following tab.

    • Requires Log-in

    • Note* A Practitioner's Profile must be set to Public for users to find and follow them.

  • Communication & Private Messaging

    • We encourage users to communicate through Message Center so that we can more easily assist if needed.

  • Message Center

    • Notifications

      • Recent activity, receipts, and communications alerts

    • Messages

      • When you register for a seminar, the Instructor of that seminar is added to your Contacts List in Message Center. That way, you can keep in touch about details for the seminar. When you follow a ThetaHealer, they will also be added to your contacts.

      • Choose a contact from your contacts list. If you aren't following anyone yet, you'll see "No Contacts Found" in your Message Center Contacts List.

      • Once you've chosen a contact, you can start writing in the text area. When you're done, hit Send to send the message.

      • Blocking Users and Spam

        • If you no longer want to communicate with a user, simply remove them from your contacts list.

        • Users who abuse Messenger to spam will be subject to immediate removal.

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