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Managing Profile Plan & Zoom Subscriptions
Managing Profile Plan & Zoom Subscriptions
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Overview of Profile Plan Subscription Levels

  • The Free/Basic Profile is where all Practitioners start. It has the most limited number of options for including information about your Practice and yourself. There are also the Standard, Sapphire, and Diamond levels of ThetaHealing Profile Subscription that allow you to add more information about yourself and advertise your services on the site.

    • The Diamond Plan includes unlimited Seminar Advertisements. By advertising your seminar, it will appear in's Seminar Search. Otherwise, seminars are $20 to advertise.

Managing My Subscriptions

  • Click on your user icon in the upper left to see a drop-down list of your user account options.

  • Click on My Theta Account

Once on the My Theta Account page, on the left you'll find options for My Profile Plan and My Subscriptions.

My Profile Plan

Here you can manage which Profile Plan subscription you'd like.

Note: When you upgrade your profile plan, it becomes active at the new level immediately. If you downgrade your plan, you'll continue to have the plan level you've already paid for, for the duration of the period paid for. After the paid period, the plan will downgrade to your selected level upon renewal.

My Subscriptions and Zoom for Online Instructors

Click on My Subscriptions

Here you can toggle on or off your Zoom Account for Online Instructors, view the status of your subscriptions, check when your subscription will renew, and view the price. By clicking on the vertical ellipses you can also download your payment history.

Note: Like other subscriptions, if you toggle off your account, you'll still receive service for the duration you've already paid for. Check the status to see how long your account will remain active.

You can reactivate your account at any time.

Managing Subscriptions Billing

No subscriptions are necessary to attend classes. However, once you become a Practitioner, you may want to subscribe to advertising services offered by ThetaHealing. If so, you can use Paypal and Stripe to process your credit cards or accounts. You'll be able to set up recurring payments with those providers.

Also, if you toggle off a subscription and then toggle it back on, you'll be able to update your payment method.

Declined Cards, Subscriptions Canceled

If a subscription card is declined, we'll send you and email letting you know. The next time you visit, you can enter a new or updated card number to renew your subscription.

If you need to change the card for your subscription, please contact tech support at

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