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Your Practitioner Dashboard - How to
Your Practitioner Dashboard - How to
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Practitioner Dashboard Overview

Accessing your Dashboard (Requires Log-in)

  • Log-in

My Practitioner Dashboard

  • Clicking on Practitioner Dashboard and Student Dashboard toggles between the two dashboards and views.

  • Profile

    • This page lets you edit aspects of your Practitioner Profile page, your profile plan, and preview your profile page.

    • At the top of the page

      • you'll find a toggle to make your personal Practitioner Profile either private and unlisted or to make it public and have it appear in ThetaHealer's Search.

      • You can view and make changes to your ThetaHealing Profile Plan

        • The Free/Basic Profile is where all Practitioners start. It has the most limited number of options for including information about your Practice and yourself. There are also the Standard, Sapphire, and Diamond levels of ThetaHealing Profile Subscription that allow you to add more information about yourself and advertise your services on the site.

      • And see a preview of your profile page.

    • Editing Contact Information

      • Click on the pen icon to edit any section of your Profile.

      • For example, click on the pen icon to update locations, and begin entering the name of the locations you are available for ThetaHealing sessions. Choose from one of the auto-fill selections

      • Click on Save after edits are complete

  • Communication/Message Center

    • Notifications - Recent activity, receipts, and communications alerts

    • Messages

      • When you follow a ThetaHealer by clicking the heart icon on their profile, they will be added to your contacts and you can begin messaging them. Similarly, if you register for a seminar, the Instructor will be added to your contacts.

  • Practitioner Resources

    • In this tab you'll find helpful resources for feedback and support as well as links to support forms and FAQs

  • My Account/ Privacy & Preferences

    • Click on your user icon in the upper left to see a drop-down list of your user account options.

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