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Why can't I log in? Where is my user name?
Why can't I log in? Where is my user name?

Users logging in to the new ThetaHealing website have a new login experience. Here's some helpful information on making the change.

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Where is my username for login?

The first time you try to log in to the new ThetaHealing website, you'll notice that your user name no longer works for login. We made the switch to using your email address as your login. Your old password will still work. You just need to use the email address you set up your account with instead of your old user name.

I still can't login!

Jan 12, 2023 - Our database transfer is taking longer than expected. Not all users are completely transferred into the new system. We are working to resolve this as fast as possible. We'll send out a message once the transfer is complete.

Thank you very much for your patience!

What if I can't remember the email I used to create my account?

Whichever email you've been receiving communications and email from ThetaHealing is the email you used to set up your account.

If you haven't been receiving emails or you used an old email you don't check, try a couple of emails and see if one of those works.

If you still can't remember the email you used, contact us via the chatbot in the bottom right corner or email us at

Why did it change?

We changed the login method because we noticed that there were a large number of accounts with the same user name. This made it easier for others to potentially log in to the wrong account. This new method will be more secure.

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