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How to register for any ThetaHealing Seminar
How to register for any ThetaHealing Seminar
Written by ThetaHealing Headquarters
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How to register for any Seminar

Visit our Homepage and login into your Account with your Email address and password. If you cannot login to your Account – then reset the password or contact us via the chat-function.

Then you can either search for a seminar or maybe you have already received a seminar link from your ThetaHealing Instructor.

Open the seminar you are interested in or your instructor's link and follow these steps.

Step 1:
Once you are logged in into your Account and you can see your Account details.

Step 2:

Now stay logged in to your Account and open the class-registration link your ThetaHealing Teacher has shared with you.


Search for your Instructors or any ThetaHealing seminar click here.

Step 3:

After you have opened the link or found your class where you like to attend, Register into the seminar with this last 2 steps, press the REGISTER NOW button.

Then it will add it to your Account and there you have to Confirm your Attendance by clicking on “CONFIRM REGISTRATION”

Now you are registered into the seminar of your choice and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from our system.

Additionally, your ThetaHealing Instructor will receive a notification that you have signed up and will contact you, if you are not already in contact.

We wish you all the best on your way to your highest potential.

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